Train Wreck

Me and my good friend (and boss) Nicole are starting to catch a photography/styling flu. With her new cannon camera and my love for dressing women in my own clothes, we have seemed to sparked something really natural and cool. Nicole’s perfectionistic attitude and love for the capturing a really personal image meshes with my individualist aesthetic. The model for this story is (Sara Paulsen)) a friend of Nicole’s who just finished a internship for BCBG Max Azria PR in L.A. She has intentions on moving to New York City soon to peruse styling and assisting. The line of connection’s being made are becoming wide and endless.

With this story I wanted to shoot at a railroad crossing. The scenery around the RR crossing is amazing, all the debris and industrial rubble was a great milieu for my idea of an adventurous curious girl, passing time, waiting on the train. She wait’s so that she can scream at the top of her lungs to let go of the day’s stress. She screams, laughs, ponders, and dreams. All while looking pretty damn cool. Click on the images for a bigger shot.

Stylist - Jamar Graham
Photographer - Nicole Hinde
Model - Sara Paulsen

*Customized Distressed Gap Denim Shirt (Worn as Shirt/Skirt
*Customized Distressed R&S Bleached and Painted Arizona Jeans
*Vintage New York Couture Dress (Cut into Bolero)
*Vintage Leather Rage Bomber
*Authentic Digital Graphic Army Jacket ( Worn as Jacket & Skirt)
*Customized Distressed Gap Boot Cut Jeans (Worn as Shorts)
* S/S 2009 Max Azria Collection Gun Metal Open toed Platform Heels
*Alice & Oliva for Payless Strappy Black Ankle booties

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  1. Jess says:

    wow that's really cool! the colors are very sharp. nice palette of colors too.


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