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Mickey Mouse & his entourage have always been icons in the fashion and youth culture. Every generation knows him and and his evolution through-out the years (remember Steamboat Willie?) It’s no surprise that the Mouse would be revived yet again. Uniqlo, who is owned by the Fasting Retailing Co. Ltd., has announced that a licensing agreement with the products division of the Walt Disney Company is in effect, according to WWD. The line is to roll into stores by next months end.

I would hope the advertising of this line will not be a bunch of silly girls frolicking around in t-shirts, sweaters, and scarfs. I’m sure with Jil Sander at the creative helm consulting for the brand, we can expect something a little more interesting than screen printed clothing.

Jean-Charles De Castelbajac (JCDC) has announced his diffusion line also, namely JCDC. The line will include pieces such as T-shirts, skirts and jackets with the designer’s signature kitsch designs, one t-shirt features Donald Duck, while a skirt is made from a fabric in a newspaper print.

What led to this reincarnation of childhood luminary? Leave it to the fashion visionaries that have been playing with our childhood friends for the past few season now. In a 2008 article at Mademoiselle Le K: Blog-trotter Jean Charles said

“Thanks to Mickey Mouse, I’ve met Kayne West, Jay Z, LL Cool J and many other famous Rap stars found of my clothes with Mickey’s prints. They were the first to name me JCDC too”

JCDC Spring 2009 collection line payed homage to the Mouse set by creating sequin dresses with Mickey and Pluto across the front. He created graphic jersey dresses with the mouse but, adding clear plastic capes to keep it fresh.

Jeremy Scott’s Fall 2009 Collection addressed Mickey in a more blatant way; putting him on leather high tops and also using his famous white gloves to fabricate a very hip version of the shawl. Scott took the biker jacket with the asymmetrical zipper to another level, laser cutting it with polka dots.

It’s been recently though that the Muppets have taken the shine in fashion. Back at the house of JCDC; his Fall 2009 Collection represented Jim Henson in a big way. Not to mention Lady Gaga's huge endorsement on a interview in Germany

Marc Jacobs has styled Miss Piggy for a event held in Chicago’s State St. Macy’s. Miss Piggy wore her own customized Marc Jacobs black dress with silver polkadots, only to notice a runway model in the same ensemble.
After a momentary stare down, Miss Piggy, who accessorized her LBD with silver, long gloves, declared it no contest.
“It looks better on moi,” she dismissed. Typical Miss Piggy right?.

So dig out your character plastered memorabilia with all your childhood dreams and prepubescent worries attached to them, they’ll soon be accepted by the masses again.

Grave Yard Romp

I have a true fetish of horror movies and a great love for zombies flicks. Resident Evil is one of my favorite video games ever. Michael Jackson’s Thriller has been a huge influence of my life and also George Romero’s original Night of The Living Dead was my first introduction into zombie flicks. The beginning scene is always replayed in my head. When Barbara and her brother Johnny go out to the cemetery to visit their father. Johnny jokingly chastises Barbara about her childhood fear of the old cemetery. Then suddenly a figure emerges from a far and that’s when it all started “Their coming to get you Barbara, look there comes one of them now”. Here is a clip from the infamous scene

Stylist - Jamar Graham
MUA - Sarah Sanderson
Photographer - Nicole Hinde
Model - Amanda Adams

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