A Very Sociable New Home

Facebook employees just moved into their artistic haven of creativity, located at the Stanford Research Park in Palo Alto. Studio O+A, a interior design firm based in San Francisco transformed the former laboratory into something that visually stimulates the mind and keeps energy flowing in the offices. Members of an advisory board from every department helped bring together the process and finishes to the final development

The design of the offices takes inspiration from the users and employee’s of Facebook, contrasting many elements to form a uniform look using color and spacing to create neighborhoods in an open space. The company bigwigs sit in the center where they are available to all employees. Massive lounges and open spaces entice the employees to come together. A kitchen and cafe are also included where gourmet meals are available at all hours. Drinks and snacks are available at mirco-kitchens throughout the headquarters.

The company wanted to produce something that was sustainable and could send a message that living green is now. Under Palo Alto’s 2008 Green Buildings ordinance, use was made of existing architectural features, recycling millwork form the original lab, and repurposing industrial components for post industrial use. Other green features include recycled carpet and energy efficient lighting. The design goal of the new space was to keep the spirt of the old lab alive but creating a fun and entertaining atmosphere. Some walls were left unfinished, employees are encourages to write on walls, add artwork, and move furniture, thus the building evolving with the zeitgeist organically. If only I could right on my jobs wall when i felt like it, then it would be something to stick with.

Check out this link for more info from the source PSFK - Facebook
Here are some shots of the newly renovated offices

Popping Up In A Big Way

Designer Rachel Roy will open a pop-up shop in SoHo for her Rachel Rachel Roy line. The shop coincides with New York Fashion Week and the Fashion’s Night Out shopping event that evening. The 1,800-square-foot space will feature the collection of Rachel Rachel Roy including modern sportswear and dresses, footwear, jewelry and handbags. The shop will only remain open for about 10 days. The designer was recently backed by Jones Apparel Group in selling 50% of her stake in the company to the investor. This venture is a preview of what’s to come from the designer, who plans to open pop-up shops in others cities following New York. The designer will also be on hand at the shop she tells WWD

“What’s special about the pop-up store is that, due to the short-lived nature, I am able to fully devote myself and interact with my customers on a daily basis,” she said. “I grew up working in retail, so it’s rewarding for me to now have my own space, personally fit the customers and be able to hear their feedback directly.”

The opening night is to be a grand event including a collaboration with graffiti artist George “SEN One” Morillo, who will be also creating customs pieces for customers to buy. The night will also provide entertainment from singer Estelle, an avid Roy supporter. Also a graffiti printed ice cream truck will be on hand out side passing out ice cream to passerby's. A percentage of the proceeds will be donated to the New Yorkers for Children foundation.

The Rachel Rachel Roy apparel collection, which retails for between $59 and $299, includes an array of sportswear options such as stonewashed denim skirts; fake leather jackets and fake fur vests; long, chunky cardigans; Modal jersey dresses, jumpsuits and tops; crystal-embellished cotton jersey T-shirts; brushstroke-printed jackets and coats, and bright pink leopard-printed skinny jeans. In addition to apparel, there is a large selection of accessories, including footwear, handbags and jewelry, all retailing for less than $250.

September 10th is to be a magical day in fashion land mark your Calenders....111 Spring Street is the address see you there.

The Return of The Planet Of The Apes

Christopher Kane is known to always be ahead of the fashion industry with his thought provoking collection inspiration and wearability. Over the past months though the designer seems to be obsessed with The Planet of the Apes. His resort collection spoke to the after effects of a nuclear war bomb imagery. The prints of his amazing sheaths and cut out dresses showed atomic clouds, explosions, volcanos erupting, The leather notch waist and biker jackets are beautifully crafted in turning up cool factor and edge of his aesthetic. Their were dresses that resemble the crackling earth after an atomic explosion, as well as cropped jeans that with of the moment rips. Who could forget the unisex tees with the primate print thats been showing up on the chest of the fashion crowd. Maybe this is a foresight into his 2010 spring summer collection in a couple months, could we see remakes of Nova or Mira even Dr. Zaius on the runway. I look forward to see what ups his sleeve.

Pictures From Jak & Jil & Style.com

Here & Now

The zeitgeist is what is now even in the current economic situation, but the youth don’t look at the economy as a forbearance. When we see something we like we either buy or emulate it in some way. The new is so appealing to Generation X, Y, and Z that we often come up with new and exciting ways to represent ourselves in the way we shop, while subconsciously critiquing each by coming up counter-ideas that often push the next level of many different concepts. Often we try new things to find out that it’s not what we expected or it’s not what fits in at the moment. The social networking and blogging arena has taken finding new talent and expressionistic view points to another level. With sites like; Flickr, Lookbook.nu, The Fashion Spot, and Stylecaster and the documentation of our daily lives posted virtually everywhere from the internet to reality TV, making it that much easier to follow the zeitgeist. We also know the influence of people across the Atlantic and Pacific that can change the mode of fashion with one inspiring image. The youth have now made themselves very independent and vocal about how we look at society and the political ambition of our government as well. Now in a time where creativity is thriving and becoming more important in the retail environment, the youth now hold the keys to the future. To experience something thats different and that makes a personal statement is what we thrive for. Making a connection is crucial in having connection with the youth, while transparency, relevancy and being prepared is the way to stay linked in these current times. Who wants to be irrelevant anyway?

European Fashion Summit

WGSN recently announced that it will be joining forces with European Fashion Summit in conjunction with one of U.K. major fashion books Drapers to be taking place November 17th - 18th of this year. The two together has hopes on expanding the summit to be more of a force in the industry by involving more interactive concepts and debates with the people who influence the fashion world.

Together they have secured fashion leaders Alexandra Shuman, Editor of British Vogue, Harold Tillman, Chairman of the British Fashion Council, Mary Homer, Managing Director of Topshop, and Hilary Alexander, Fashion Director of the Daily Telegraph as members of the advisory board. WGSN’s Content Director Juliet Warkentin is also a key member of the board.

Having some of the biggest names in fashion is crucial with holding a event of this nature which is why over 40 speakers are already confimed for the summit including; renowned designer and CFDA president Diane Von Furstenburg, and Barbara Hulanicki the founder of the 60’s and 70’s iconic retailer Biba.

The summit is to focus on issues most crucial to retailers, brands, and designers including the latest news and trends of the impact of online sales, buying and merchandising, and consumer insights. The format of the program will include workshops, panels, clinics and presentations, interactive Q&A sessions, keynote interviews, and catwalk trends. Making this one of the biggest trend forecasting workshops to date.

For more information about the European Fashion Summit visit the home page here.

Coming Times: Serge De Nimes

We all know the power of a comfortable pair of lived in, haven’t washed in 6 months, ripped bottom jeans, but over the past few seasons denim has once been taken to new boundaries. Denim has become the fabric of choice for ripping, painting, manipulating, and reviving. Recently, the Denim by Premiere Vision trade-show took place in Paris where over 60 exhibitors came together to show new techniques in weaving, laundering, and manufacturing of denim for the Fall/Winter 2011 season. The prevalence of super-tight jeans or denim leggings called Power Stretch will still be taking the pants off women of all ages. Ageless and vintage denim is still at the forefront as well as a strong focus on texture and construction. With that, we also have what has been going on in the high street. Designers and brands are using denim to bring in some bottom-line profits by giving it unique treatments, reviving passé styles, and promoting DIY sense of attitude.

One high street brand that has made one of the smartest moves of the year so far is the Stockholm based Cheap Monday. Creative Director Örjan Andersson has appointed long-time friend and one of my favorite designers Ann Sofie Back to work on building the image of the brand into something thats desirable to all the cool kids that love to look like they have been thrown into a giant fan. Back’s namesake and Cheap Monday share common ground with a no bullshit approach to fashion. The Spring/Summer 2010 Collection is a culmination of exactly that, but also a direct reverence to what was shown at the Paris trade-show in a Cheap Monday sprit of course. Here are few looks from their Spring/Summer 2010 Look Book & Runway Show

It’s definitely the premium denim brands that are creating new and innovative ways to styling denim. The Stolen Girlfriends Club is one to watch also. Their take on using denim as a thigh-high is a great way to make yourself stand out in a crowd, and also a nod to all of the thigh-high boots and hosiery we saw at the Fall/Winter RTW 2009 shows.



The luxury market also is pushing the limit of destroyed denim with designers like Christopher Decarnin vision of Balmain and it’s bleached and ripped looks from the Spring/Summer 2009 runway, Alexander McQueen, and even Dolce & Gabbana’s Spring/Summer 2010 menswear collection. Painted, tailor, laundered, shrunken, ripped, and layered effects on denim that makes a statement and gives an artistic yet poetic and moving point of view for denim.



Let’s also not forget the array of stars that have adopted the new wavish look of destroyed and treated denim from Kristen Stewert to Rihanna to Pete Wenz. Celebrities are wearing the look down to the ground. With denim at the peak of it’s deconstructed, over-washed, stoned to death image of the moment, what can we foresee for the collections of the Spring/Summer 2011? A return to dark, raw, indigo dyed denim but with a twist perhaps, hopefully. Everything always evolves from it’s tormented past. With all the innovative denim around now, it’s only a matter a time before raw denim is at the top again especially with Jil Sander at the helm of Uniqlo.....

Thank You For Being My Friend's...

I’m completely obsessed with the Golden Girls. So fearless in their own personal style, wit, along with womanly allure shined through; complimenting their individual personality's. Though It wasn’t until the late 80’s and early 90’s where the girls started to get a little more fashion forward in there choices. Rose always had a sense of classicism, a 40’s Dior new look that she owned. Always wearing matching peplum jacket suit sets, silk belted collared dresses, and the most simple gold chains and drop stone earrings that complemented her naive yet womanly demeanor. Blanche, the sex kitten, took sex appeal to another level. Always taking risk in her fashion choices, not always pulling them off...nonetheless, Blanche always got her man in sequin dresses, over the top body con dresses, or more simply, tunics with leggings or stir-ups. Sophia was all about old world charm. A look that consisted of sweaters buttoned at the neck and plaid house dusters that had the most beautiful color combination's. Finally there’s Dorothy, the intelligent and sophisticated matron. You would think of her as the feminist, with such a masculine meets feminine sense of fashion. Her broad shoulders complete with extra padding, cowl neck jackets, sweaters, and slouchy tops as well as peg leg pants sets that were all in Vogue, and frankly and still are. Seeing Dorothy in a pair of gold drop Chanel logo earrings made me adopted her as my favorite Golden Girl. This show was what I believe a definite gateway of fashion at the time. Ladies, thank you for being a friend.

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