Parson's Workwear Exhibit

At the closing of NYFW I was able to swing by ole Parson's to take a look at their work wear exhibit. It was launched in honor of the to design programs that have been established at the university; The MFA Fashion Studies Program and The MFA in Fashion Design and Society, both largely enthused by Donna Karen the queen of work wear.

The exhibition featured both iconic and cutting-edge work that engages the themes of “Workwear.” This includes a 1986 film installation of Donna Karan's iconic “Seven Easy Pieces,” a modern system of dressing for women where a handful of interchangeable items together create an entire wardrobe; and Boilersuit by Savile Row tailors Norton & Sons in collaboration with Turner Prize-winning artist Jeremy Deller, a modern utility outfit that accumulates patches as mementos of the wearer's life.

This exhibition really touched how workwear has entrenched us in America, yet it showcases a great color story and a ideal of ease in dressing for work and in everyday life.

Check out the interview below with Donna Karen and FIT Museum curator Valerie Steele as they discuss work wear, Donna's career and the future of fashion.

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