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The zeitgeist is what is now even in the current economic situation, but the youth don’t look at the economy as a forbearance. When we see something we like we either buy or emulate it in some way. The new is so appealing to Generation X, Y, and Z that we often come up with new and exciting ways to represent ourselves in the way we shop, while subconsciously critiquing each by coming up counter-ideas that often push the next level of many different concepts. Often we try new things to find out that it’s not what we expected or it’s not what fits in at the moment. The social networking and blogging arena has taken finding new talent and expressionistic view points to another level. With sites like; Flickr,, The Fashion Spot, and Stylecaster and the documentation of our daily lives posted virtually everywhere from the internet to reality TV, making it that much easier to follow the zeitgeist. We also know the influence of people across the Atlantic and Pacific that can change the mode of fashion with one inspiring image. The youth have now made themselves very independent and vocal about how we look at society and the political ambition of our government as well. Now in a time where creativity is thriving and becoming more important in the retail environment, the youth now hold the keys to the future. To experience something thats different and that makes a personal statement is what we thrive for. Making a connection is crucial in having connection with the youth, while transparency, relevancy and being prepared is the way to stay linked in these current times. Who wants to be irrelevant anyway?

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