A Very Sociable New Home

Facebook employees just moved into their artistic haven of creativity, located at the Stanford Research Park in Palo Alto. Studio O+A, a interior design firm based in San Francisco transformed the former laboratory into something that visually stimulates the mind and keeps energy flowing in the offices. Members of an advisory board from every department helped bring together the process and finishes to the final development

The design of the offices takes inspiration from the users and employee’s of Facebook, contrasting many elements to form a uniform look using color and spacing to create neighborhoods in an open space. The company bigwigs sit in the center where they are available to all employees. Massive lounges and open spaces entice the employees to come together. A kitchen and cafe are also included where gourmet meals are available at all hours. Drinks and snacks are available at mirco-kitchens throughout the headquarters.

The company wanted to produce something that was sustainable and could send a message that living green is now. Under Palo Alto’s 2008 Green Buildings ordinance, use was made of existing architectural features, recycling millwork form the original lab, and repurposing industrial components for post industrial use. Other green features include recycled carpet and energy efficient lighting. The design goal of the new space was to keep the spirt of the old lab alive but creating a fun and entertaining atmosphere. Some walls were left unfinished, employees are encourages to write on walls, add artwork, and move furniture, thus the building evolving with the zeitgeist organically. If only I could right on my jobs wall when i felt like it, then it would be something to stick with.

Check out this link for more info from the source PSFK - Facebook
Here are some shots of the newly renovated offices

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    Amazing new digs but with all of that why can't someone respond to my inquiries about changing my password?

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