Thank You For Being My Friend's...

I’m completely obsessed with the Golden Girls. So fearless in their own personal style, wit, along with womanly allure shined through; complimenting their individual personality's. Though It wasn’t until the late 80’s and early 90’s where the girls started to get a little more fashion forward in there choices. Rose always had a sense of classicism, a 40’s Dior new look that she owned. Always wearing matching peplum jacket suit sets, silk belted collared dresses, and the most simple gold chains and drop stone earrings that complemented her naive yet womanly demeanor. Blanche, the sex kitten, took sex appeal to another level. Always taking risk in her fashion choices, not always pulling them off...nonetheless, Blanche always got her man in sequin dresses, over the top body con dresses, or more simply, tunics with leggings or stir-ups. Sophia was all about old world charm. A look that consisted of sweaters buttoned at the neck and plaid house dusters that had the most beautiful color combination's. Finally there’s Dorothy, the intelligent and sophisticated matron. You would think of her as the feminist, with such a masculine meets feminine sense of fashion. Her broad shoulders complete with extra padding, cowl neck jackets, sweaters, and slouchy tops as well as peg leg pants sets that were all in Vogue, and frankly and still are. Seeing Dorothy in a pair of gold drop Chanel logo earrings made me adopted her as my favorite Golden Girl. This show was what I believe a definite gateway of fashion at the time. Ladies, thank you for being a friend.

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