Calling All Saint of Spitalfields....

One of my favorite denim innovators All Saint is opening a shop down in Soho this Spring, and without delay will be as big as Topshop, but extremely cooler.

The British retailer is going to be popping up with stores all over the US, but will open it's 13,600 sq. ft. store with a strong expansion effort in taking over the US market. With already having stores in L.A., Miami, and a concession in Bloomingdales here in Manhattan. It has proved it needs more presence in the States, and will be setting up shop in San Francisco and Chicago soon as well, exciting no!

The visual merchandising of the store will feature it's signature design aesthetic incorporating singer sewing machines, the ram skull logo, looms, and printing presses. The product offered in the store will be a full range of accessories and apparel collection for men, women, and kids that will accompany it's recently launched e-commerce site.

Come spring you better check it out, it's sure to be a hotspot for the cool and unkept.

Opening in April - 512 Broadway Between Broome and Spring St. respectively.

Source - WGSN (Worth Global Style Network)

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