Getting My Foot In

Two months ago I started assisting a couple of highly reputable stylist, working with them have taught me a lot about being very meticulous and understanding how important communication and a consistent work ethic is needed when you going into styling. It's definitely been a whirlwind though, from meeting Joan Jett, to picking up looks for Ashton and Demi and Justin Timberlake, and prepping for Saks Men's Spring Catalog. I'm excited to see what the New Year and especially fashion week will bring.

Michael Nash is the lead stylist with a great history in the industry. He was the former fashion director of Vibe magazine before it's untimely fold, but now he contributes with GQ, Vanity Fair, styles Justin Timberlake, Ashton Kutcher, and Joan Jett, consults with D&G, Saks, Macy’s, and countless other brands, celebs, and magazines. Joseph Turla is his right hand man, making sure that everything runs smoothly. His portfolio is strong as well. After a few years working with Michael he has established himself as a go to stylist for many editorial test, works consistently with People Magazine and working on all the big buck projects with Michael. Check out out blog, Style Me

Here is a spot on Tee shirts, with Michael talking about the classicism of the tee, and it also features one of my favorite editor and stylist Elle Style Director Kate Lanphear.

My first big shoot was for People Mag with Joseph helping style for The Sexiest Man Alive Issue, where we put together Matthew Bomer, a new face that got his big break in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre and is now staring on the USA show White Collar. We took to a very discreet location in Cold Spring, NY (Upstate) on a cool farm with some interesting, adorable animals.

Now that I'm seeing the cover and our tear together, I see they liked the way we kept Matthew's look sexy, and understated in a Tim Hamilton Chambray button down. They styled Johnny Depp in what seems to me like replica of the image chosen for Matthew. Nonetheless, the experience was amazing.

Her are a few shots from the location...we had such a great time on a successful shoot.

I love this shot of the lake. The texture is amazing

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