I have a very intense love for anything that has a textured look or feel about it. Before I decided to attend Parson's I was going to enroll at FIT majoring in the fabric styling program, but Parson's responded to my application first. I've alway wanted to get involved with less so the design aspect and more so the innovation of fabrics and materials.

Trend-Land online magazine is a great source for inspiration for any designer or artist, check out the site. Darting around their site with my mouth dropped in wondering why I've never been to the site before, I ran upon the works of Japanese artist and master weaver Machiko Agano. Trained as a textile weaver, took her education and now uses it to create large scale installations incorporating a range of materials using basic weaving techniques. With a love for natural materials and neutral colors, she allows the surrounding of the installation speak through the material.

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  1. i love these.

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