Fluid, Fragile, Ephemeral

We all know Raf Simmons is the grand master of all men's fashion intellectual and thought provoking, but his former apprentice Damir Doma is taking ole Paris by storm with his neo contemporary take on menswear. He is certainly on the rise to bringing masculinity to a new level. As we know menswear is no easy fete, Damir, with ease, shows us how he thinks men should dress. Fluidity and slight structure is the center of his Spring/Summer 2010 collection. Keeping the palette quite light and pure with neutrals ranging from cream, taupe, light gray, and gravel, but also making a valiant statement admixing blood red and textured black makes his collection standout. Obviously not afraid to roll up his sleeves, he shows us that extended sleeve length is the key proportion to his minimal look of outerwear. The texture of the garments are an impressive match to the laxness, incorporating some fraying and light bondage like straps that followed the models down the runway, adding in a standout print that looks of a new version of digital plaid. Surely he is one to watch this upcoming fashion season, in which he will be presenting his first foray in womenswear with great splendor I'm sure.

Check out his web space Damir Doma

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  1. Anonymous says:

    My new fav in fashion design

    Anonymous says:

    Been my fav for a few years,but it's getting harder and harder to afford!

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