Central Saint Martins - Fall 2010

As of Wednesday May 27th @ 11:41 P.M. I have decided I going to apply to Central Saint Martins to major in the Fashion History and Theory major that they offer. Since I'm not at all interested in learning design and I will have had all the marketing I can take, I think this will be the best for me. I've always loved the history of fashion, but this particular program drives into much more. Fashion History and Theory is a pathway of BA Fashion at central saint Martins that considers fashion as an academic subject of scrutiny, as much about writing and representation as it is about making. From renaissance dress to contemporary fashion forecasting, the course covers a broad trajectory and is often found in the many London museums and exhibition spaces that address the concerns of the course. It intends to create a new breed of fashion thinkers. To me it's ideal, I believe myself to be apart of the new breed of fashion thinkers. To attend Central Saint Martins would be such a amazing opportunity, I think its the way to go!!!

One great, I think, is an amazing fashion connoisseur is Alexander Fury. He graduated from Central Saint Martin in the Fashion History and Theory course and is now the fashion director of show studio. He speaks with such skill and articulation and knowledge about fashion on a level I want to speak on as well. I first blogged his worked earlier in the week dicussing Mario Schwab, below is more of his commentary He is my new found source of inspiration when it comes to my career. Take a listen to what he has to say about different pieces from various collections

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