New York Aesthetic Flaw: Mario Schwab @ Halston


In London designer are normally very conceptual and always outside the box, which gets them all the top jobs in Milan & Paris. In New York You basically have your line and that's it, your not being scouted out for other labels, or you creating lines for the masses. The recent Installment of Mario Schwab at Halston is a key indication that conceptual design is the key to getting buzz and getting jobs overseas and beyond. Taking inspiration and really honing in on it to create something new and innovative is what is needed in New York. Although I was only in the AAS program at Parson's, I can tell that conceptual design isn't really pushed as much as it is for someone who attends Central Saint Martins, or The Royal Academy of London. It really should have been a New York designer taking over at Halston, I'm not sure if anyone was interested in doing so, but it seem like Narsico Rodriguez would have been an excellent choice for the Halston name. Nonetheless, Mario Schwab is an excellent designer and an amazing artist. It will be interesting to see his take on Halston because he normally designs from a structural point of view and Halston aesthetic is really free flowing and easy. Down below is Alexander Fury talking about Mario's Fall 2009 jeweled dressed...Might I say he is an amazing voice for the future of fashion. He is very articulate and always on point with his analysis. Take a look.

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