Rachel Roy - Pre Fall 2009


I know the Fall 09 shows have already happened and pre-fall is like aleady out of fashion but designer Rachel Roy did an outstanding job putting together her pre-fall 2009 collection. The color, texture, shape, and mood is so what the summer coming to a end should be about. I love the asymmetrical stripes seam dress as well as the Lauren Hutton style suit that looks appropriate for now. The collection looks uber-comfortable and can be justaposed bewtween days, nights, work, and where ever else that you may want to wear these amazing pieces. I'm sure they probaly cost a pretty pennie but, even taking the idea she has set forward and incoporating it into your look is a good way to evoke the mood. Even more important is that she used an Asian model to bring her collection to life, In which she does an amazing job she looks like she really loved modeling the collection and probaly got half of it in her closet now.
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