“Hat’s R Him”

I think hats are like the topping to any outfit, so It's only right that I blog a milliner that knows what the power of a hat can do. Based in London, Justin Smith and his brand J Smith Esquire takes the luxury of hats to another level with his fantastical taste. His career started as a hair dresser, he was the creative director at Toni & Guy in London specializing in avant garde hair shows before he decided to take a course in millinery. Justin only uses natural fabrics like leather, cotton, and feathers. His design philosophy is rather organic. He let’s his fabrication work for him, he doesn’t force materials into positions that don’t naturally work for that specific piece. An organic process is letting it do it’s thing. He uses his English heritage and love for antique furniture to inspire him. All of his hats have couture trimming in which can not be replicated. He believes having a good sense of quality it something that never ages. Tap the title for his home page.

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  1. alanna says:

    i'm obsessed with hats now. i just found a little store in soho that custom makes them for you too. loves it

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