My First Art Piece

This year I had to take a color theory class which covered the basics of color and a lot of art history. It was pretty boring at first but I guess along the way i started to pick up inspiration from other classmates and the projects we had to complete. The picture below is my final for the class. We had to create some sort of project that fully executed the objectives of the class. So i want to create a piece of art work that was organic as far as the way it was created, but I also wanted to show that I'm very inspired by things that are abnormal and take a little more thought when looked at. This project consisted of me melting candle wax but also mixing it with the pigment paints we were required to buh, holding the board I used at different angles to create this sort of natural running effect. After I finished with the overall look, I went over the painting with a grill lighter, at this point the paint and the wax is running all together and sizzling. This gave it a more authentic look. At first my professor didn't know about how the project would turn out..He ended up loving it and I got a A- in the class as a overall grade. I love the colors and the composition of how the wax creates this gloomy effect that speaks to this modern goth style I'm into. Click on it to get a closer look.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    the colors and flow of this painting are amazing! nice work!

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